The Adept Connect Track and Trace Solution

Connecting your product’s past, present, and future

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What is your Supply Chain Visibility?

If you’re looking to avoid theft and counterfeiting, or striving to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, the supply chain is one area where brands are the most vulnerable. Now you can secure your brand and simplify your processes with front to back visibility with one solution.

What is the Adept Connect Track and Trace Solution?

In the era of an increasingly digital supply chain, brands often need efficient end-to-end visibility all the way from inception to the point of consumption. Track and Trace uses a variety of the latest technologies (such as blockchain, RFID, 2D barcodes, etc) to trace each item and product back to its origin and forward through its journey to the point of use. Maintain a constant view of where your product is at all times, gather details on any delays along with their causes, and constantly monitor the chain of identity throughout using Adept Connect.

Why Adept’s Product?

Few specialists have the expertise to customize the right Track and Trace technology to all aspects of a company’s supply chain, and only one can assemble best practices from multiple industries seamlessly. Adept’s customer focused, customizable systems will lower the risk and raise the confidence you have in your supply chain.  

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