Adept Connect’s Smart Packaging Services

Packaged goods manufacturers can now fully embrace the digitization of the supply chain


Traditional packaged products do not interact with brands, consumers or their surroundings.

Typically consumers cannot ask a product for additional information not already displayed on the packaging. Today’s supply chains lack the intelligence to provide brands with useful data around how consumers interact with their packaged products. These interaction limitations between packaging and the supply chain stakeholders prevent effective gathering of consumer feedback intelligence, limit visibility into consumer behavior and hamper the ability to reduce lost sales, detect product diversion and avoid margin erosion.

What are Adept Connect Smart Packaging Services?

Adept Connect’s Smart Packaging Services use the cloud to create a digital entity of each packaged product and connect each packaged item to the cloud, enabling packaging to interact with the consumer and supply chain stakeholders. The ability to connect the physical packaging with its digital representation and store relevant information and product attributes in a cloud is key to make the packaging more ‘intelligent’.


Information about digitized packaging becomes readily accessible by consumers that want to know more about the product, and by brands that want to know more about how their products move and are sold in the supply chain.


Adept Connect’s Smart Packaging Services connect your packaging to every point in even the most complex distribution chains by using the latest track and trace technology, such as sensors, RFID, or 2D barcodes.  Real time item level data makes a brand’s supply chain more efficient, visible, and secure. Packaging itself becomes a carrier of information that can provide specific data about a product’s location status for monitoring and reporting, or interact with a consumer to make the purchasing experience more personalized.

Why Adept’s Product?

Adept’s engineers have over a decade of cross industry experience developing packaging and supply chain solutions for over 100 clients. Adept Connect’s Smart Packaging Services allow our clients to apply this experience to develop the right “smart” solution to:


  • Connect packaging to the cloud. Please contact us if you want more information on the Adept Connect Application Programming Interface (API).


  • Securely capture, store, and analyze packaging and supply chain data associated with each brand’s unique attributes.


  • Provide custom dashboards and reporting services for viewing data by brand owner, lot, location, product, SKU, sales channel and more.

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