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Our ProTrack Suite of Business Processes

Foundational systems within any business serve a critical role in ensuring methodical, repeatable and consistent execution. Adept Packaging’s ProTrack suite of business processes offers innovative products and services specifically designed to optimize packaging departments. These established systems improve time to market and accuracy by defining steps of execution and ensuring correct decisions are made the first time.

Leading Processes

Our deep experience allows us to excel in the 4 key areas of packaging development & engineering:


  • Packaging development systems
  • Ideation programs
  • People development and career ladders
  • Packaging strategies
  • Specification systems
  • Management of traceability projects

Tools & Accelerators


Adept offers tools and accelerators such as models, workbooks and templates that can be easily implemented to speed up your business processes. We have proven accelerators for streamlining strategy development, retail channel audits, workload assessments, gap analysis and much more. Best of all, these proven processes and tools can be customized for any organization’s specific requirements. These ready-to-use accelerators ensure packaging departments are prepared, trained, and have the support to achieve objectives.

Packaging Strategy Development

Adept’s packaging strategy development is designed around three areas of focus:


Organizational Objectives

We put company objectives first by getting to know what matters most in an organization, then using that as a guiding principle. For example, a company with a strong sustainability objective will need to develop systems that consider environmental impact.


Marketing Goals

Companies carefully position their products towards the market segment needs, desires and trends—packaging should, as well. Packaging is part of a product’s messaging, so a packaging strategy must include policies and guidelines for things like controlling color variances, inclusion of images and structural elements and other branding necessities.


Packaging Department Functionality

We help companies build their diversity of expertise, pipeline of talent and use of 3rd party services, working with our clients to structure the right balance based on their needs.

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