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Innovative packaging and business solutions

Retail Channel Audit- Differentiate your packaging: a woman is overwhelmed with the wide range in the supermarket when shopping.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Even within an organization, no two packaging projects are the same. Each has different material types, levels of complexity, regulations, and management needs. It’s easy to see how organizations adopting a one-size-fits-all team find themselves with either their most experienced people executing simple projects, or without the right level of expertise to manage complex projects. That’s where Adept’s packaging development, engineering, and consulting services can help.

Engineering Services

Our deep experience allows us to excel in the 4 key areas of packaging development & engineering:


  • New product development
  • Cost savings
  • Quality improvement
  • Brand extension

Consulting Services

Adept Packaging clients receive customized solutions for their exact needs. Our consulting areas include:


  • End-to-end project management
  • Technical resource sourcing
  • Support activities (line qualifications & validations)

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Let Adept Packaging Help You

Adept’s packaging engineering and consulting services offer the modular scalability to handle as much—or as little—of the process as needed. There is an Adept solution to our clients most pressing needs, from complimenting an existing department with the right expertise, to fully managing projects requiring urgency or high utilization levels.

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