The Adept Connect IoT Gateway Solution

Simplifying the path to connect your supply chain to the cloud

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How Complex is your Supply Chain?

Brands are increasingly facing security, regulatory, and other complexities in their supply chains. As supply chains digitize, brands need a turnkey solution to connect their supply chains to the cloud.

What is the Adept Connect IoT Gateway Solution?

The Adept Connect IoT Gateway Solution is a software and hardware solution to connect a brand’s packaging lines, manufacturing sites, distribution centers, or 3PLs to the cloud, seamlessly digitizing its supply chain.

Why Adept’s Product?

The Adept Connect experts will use the IoT Gateway and latest track & trace technology (such as blockchain, RFID, 2D barcodes, etc) to connect your supply chain to the cloud and to enable better channel management and product authentication. This turnkey solution will help secure your brand, simplify your systems, and improve visibility through your supply chain.

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