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Packaging engineering services and resources for the food and beverage industry

Food and Beverage Packaging is Incredibly Complex

Food and Beverage packaging must contain and protect a product from damage, ensure it keeps fresh throughout its shelf life, provide consumers information and maintain brand identity.


It also has to keep up with changing industry requirements, such as improving sustainability, government regulations and suitability for omnichannel sales. Adept’s experienced food & beverage team is dedicated specifically to addressing the industry’s needs, and continues to overcome obstacles through innovation.

Flexible Range of Services

Adept provides packaging engineering services to many of the top food & beverage companies in the world. Our flexible, modular services have enabled organizations to meet challenging goals and objectives by providing the following services.

Experienced Services for Food & Beverage

Contract Packaging Engineers

Adept Packaging excels in staffing contract packaging engineers to work as part of clients’ packaging departments in a variety of flexible arrangements.

Business Process Development

Adept Packaging’s ProTrack suite offers innovative products and services specifically designed to optimize packaging departments.

Packaging Development Services

Even within an organization, no two packaging projects are the same. Each has different material types, complexity, regulations, & management needs.

Strategic Packaging Programs

Adept has dedicated resources and budgets committed to continuously improving strategy for fast, efficient deployment.

Packaging Troubleshooting

Adept Packaging troubleshooting services are designed to immediately identify the problem, engineer the solution and implement the fix.

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