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Are you Sure your Products are Being Sold Through the Intended Channels?

Today, the packaging of your product likely does not tell you where it is actually being shipped or being sold and whether distribution is being made through the proper channels. Chances are that you also don’t have visibility into where and to which customers your distributors or 3PLs are shipping your products, making it nearly impossible to manage your channels of distribution.


Diversions have been a major issue for manufacturers for decades, causing lost sales, margin erosion, and brand degradation. Products turn up on the gray market when brands can’t trace their packaging. Current solutions for reducing product diversion are limited to providing some visibility at the SKU and UPC level and do not provide visibility into how each unit and item is sold in the supply chain. However, items intended for one retailer often end up on e-commerce sites with no explanation or understanding of how or why. What if you could actually know where each single product is sold, at the unit level?

What is the Adept Connect Channel Management & Diversions Solution?

With the digitization of the supply chain, these issues can be dramatically mitigated by using tried and true technologies. The Adept Connect Channel Management and Diversion solution enables intelligence by allowing the assignment of each item to its sales channel and connecting a company’s supply chain to the cloud. Such level of visibility allows a company to manage all of its products at a unit level regardless of the omnichannel complexity. By using this connection, Adept can assign unique codes carried by any available technology (such as blockchain, RFID, 2D barcodes, NFC etc) and assign item level serial numbers to each channel to identify diversion issues and gray markets for each sellable product.

Why Adept’s Product?

The Adept Connect turnkey solutions provide the tools to communicate with and authenticate your product throughout the supply chain. Use our decade plus experience across multiple industries (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, packaged goods, food & beverage, industrial goods, electronics, and IT) to digitize your packaging and supply chain so you can have clear visibility with your products every step of the way.

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