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Simplifying the path to Amazon Transparency

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Counterfeiting is a Rapidly Growing Problem.

Every day, thousands of counterfeit goods are produced and sold online. Selling counterfeit goods has increased over 10,000% in the last two decades.*1 These imposters can wreak havoc on brands, resulting in lost integrity and revenue, and in some cases pose risks to consumers. American businesses and industries lose approximately $200 billion in revenue annually due to counterfeits*2 damaging company profits and undermining consumer trust.

This impact can be felt across sectors, most notably: apparel, accessories, over-the-counter drugs, children’s entertainment, and electronics. To combat this problem, Amazon has created a new solution called Transparency. For brands interested in adopting Amazon Transparency, Adept can assist in all the phases of the Transparency deployment, integration & ongoing management.

What is Amazon Transparency?

Amazon Transparency was officially launched in 2018 to combat the sales of counterfeited goods on their platform. How it works: As a brand, you can enroll in the Transparency Program (*3). Amazon will issue to you uniquely serialized Transparency codes to be applied (or printed) on each saleable unit as a Data Matrix 2D barcode. This code, called Authenticity Identifier (AID), is a unique 26-digit, alphanumeric code generated by Amazon.

Brands can choose which SKUs to enroll in Transparency (maybe only the ones at the highest risk, or all SKUs). Once the brand enrolls a SKU in Transparency, the brand is responsible for placing a Transparency code on every single unit sold, whether the unit will be sold on Amazon or any other channel. When Amazon receives an item on Transparency at their North American Fulfillment Centers, the Data Matrix 2D barcode (with serialized AID unique to each unit of sale), is read by the Fulfillment Center and Amazon can determine whether that number is real or fake, or not on the product at all.

Adept Connect for Transparency

Transparency Delivered: Your Turnkey Partner for Deployment, Integration & Ongoing Management Amazon Transparency requires item-level serialization, so the ability to assign to each saleable unit a unique serial number provided by Amazon. Serialization comes with all sorts of challenges, starting from the managing of the serial numbers, to the printing or application of serialized labels, to the impact to the supply chain processes once you start managing a serialized supply chain.

Adept Connect is a suite of products and services to fully support the implementation of Amazon Transparency in your supply chain. Our team has over a decade in serialization experience in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, packaged goods, and food & beverage.  We an expert understanding of Transparency requirements and guidelines to assure a smooth transition for any brand, from conception to connection.  Our proven approach can be flexibly applied to a supply chain or distribution environment of any level of complexity to operationalize Transparency Web Services with speed, security and accuracy. Adept can assist in all the phases of the Transparency rollout tasks and activities, from conception to connection:

  • Project Management
  • Supply chain assessment for Transparency
  • Transparency implementation on sites and packaging lines
  • Channel management for Transparency

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Adept Packaging is a proud member of the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC). Together, we are devoted to combatting the global counterfeiting of products across a multitude of industries.