Adept Connect

Adept Connect enables the next generation of “Smart Packaging,” connecting packaging to the cloud to extract value from an increasingly digital supply chain

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Why Adept Connect?

Digitize your supply chain by fully integrating with the cloud. Allow your packaged products to communicate and interact with the stakeholders in the supply chain and with your customers. Adept Connect offers a customizable breadth of products and resources that can digitally connect packaging at every point in the distribution chain, making your packaging smarter.

Adept Connect Solutions

We make life easier, not harder

Connecting packaging to your supply chain has never been easier. Adept Connect is simple, flexible and easy to implement for even the most complex supply chains.

We offer the latest, most secure technology

Adept offers a 1-stop-shop with a cross section of subject matter experts in both packaging and cloud based technology, providing your company enchanced, customizable solutions to meet your individual supply chain’s specific needs. We can provide your company with security, transparency and global serialization, thwarting off counterfeiting, tampering and theft.

We enable you to lower costs and increase efficiency

We will help you avoid liability, regulatory issues and fines, allowing you to get to market faster, achieve your sales goals and meet your budget.

We help protect your most important asset-your brand

By giving you better visibility into your entire supply chain from start to finish, we help mitigate the risk of counterfeiting and diversions, providing security, protecting your brand and allowing you to manage your channels.

Adept has Solutions

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