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We Unlock the Potential of Packaging

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The Adept Packaging team is focused on excellence in all that we do.


We believe that packaging is more than a container—it’s a powerful vehicle to connect iconic brands to consumers, safely transport life saving medicines and protect the food and drinks we consume every day. Adept harnesses the power of packaging to help organizations grow, increase their value, manage cost and become more responsive to the needs of their customers.

Who We Are

We’re Innovators—Consistently Ahead of Every Curve. Adept Packaging engineers have a track record of innovation in a variety of industries. We love a complex packaging problem and thrive on discovering solutions in a constantly changing environment.


Our collaborative team is always on top of the latest in packaging technology while developing services geared toward the trends in our clients’ industries.

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

We take the complexity out of packaging and serialization for the world’s top drug manufacturers.

Medical Devices

Our dedicated team has industry-leading expertise in the highly regulated world of medical device packaging.

Food & Beverage

The top food & beverage companies in the world turn to Adept in this complex industry of ever-changing consumer preferences.

Industrial and Durable Goods

We develop industrial and durable goods packaging focusing on protection during handling, user safety and sustainability.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Our deep expertise in both commodity and specialized packaging has been honed through thousands of successful projects for hundreds of leading brands.

We’re the Whole Package


Adept does more than provide a product; we can take on as much or as little of the packaging process as a client needs. Our expert team deftly handles everything from developing and executing a packaging strategy to staffing and implementing it throughout an organization.


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Services Excelling Standards

Packaging Development,
Engineering and Consulting


Customized solutions for new product development, cost savings, quality improvement and brand extension.


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Staffing and Recruiting


Adept maintains the largest network of packaging engineers in the industry, making it easy to find the perfect contract or permanent fit for any company.


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Packaging Business
Processes, Tools and Strategy


Our packaging strategy experts and suite of accelerators ensure consistently smooth, successful results aligned with each client’s unique goals and objectives.


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Packaging Troubleshooting


We love a good packaging challenge. Our team deftly solves the most complex of packaging issues and emergencies, from leaking containers to regulatory problems and everything in between.


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Strategic Packaging Programs


Adept’s modular approach to strategic packaging programs offer customized solutions for every focus area and level of need.


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Serialization and Traceability Services


 We offer end-to-end serialization support for pharmaceutical as well as food & beverage and CPG, with the highest level of expertise in the industry.


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We’re Human


We believe in creating a work environment in which all Adept employees can express their creativity and realize their full potential together, because Adept has an entrepreneurial spirit with collaboration at our core.

Our breadth of expertise and eagerness to learn from one another ensures we consistently engineer the best solutions for our clients. In addition, we make it a point to extend our care for each other to the greater community with philanthropy and volunteer programs throughout the calendar year.

We’re Experts


Adept Packaging thrives because of its commitment to providing the best service, resources and culture not just in the packaging industry, but anywhere. Our employees are valued, respected and given all the tools they need to succeed.
Our customers benefit from our integrity, transparency and industry-leading innovation. Our communities are served through ongoing outreach and ecological and environmental breakthroughs. Under the expert guidance of our senior management team, at Adept we do more than unlock the potential of packaging—we unlock the potential of people.

Prateek Lal

Founder and Managing Director

Adept’s founder and Managing Director, Prateek Lal spent many successful years delivering large, complex projects and crafting packaging innovation for companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

His expertise includes the workflow architecture of packaging development and engineering and several US and International utility patents for packaging designs.

In 2006, he leveraged his experience to start Adept Packaging—a new kind of packaging company that would not only provide the best packaging services in the world, but also treat its employees and customers as the unique individuals they are instead of numbers and metrics.

Dr. Attilio Bellman

Director, Serialization & Technology

Attilio leverages his PhD in Solid State Physics from University of Milan and Argonne National Lab, as well as a Masters in Supply Chain Management from MIT, to direct the Serialization & Technology services at Adept.

With additional years of experience at Accenture, Deloitte and Siemens, Dr. Bellman has the expertise needed to helm Adept’s thriving Serialization & Technology Practice.

He holds a holistic view of the serialization process, recognizing how it only succeeds when every aspect of a company works in concert and aims to help organizations achieve this harmony.

David Foster

Director, Packaging Development Services

As Director of Packaging Development Services, David Foster is responsible for all aspects of practice management including client relationships, service delivery, associate growth, and business development.

In Adept Packaging’s PackDev division, including Life Sciences and Consumer Packaged Goods. He is an expert in packaging component manufacturing, closures and packaging innovations on a global scale, with an MBA from Bowling Green State University and multiple US and and International utility patents for packaging designs.

This level of expertise is evident in his oversight of project management services and strategic consultancy to key clients.